Caribbean Relief Fund

Converge MidAmerica has established an emergency Relief Fund to assist Pastors, churches and our network partners to provide immediate relief to those effected by the earthquake and hurricane. 

A magnitude 7.2 earthquake hit the southwest of Haiti on Saturday morning, August 14, 2021. This earthquake was even more powerful than the 2010 earthquake. According to the United States Geological Survey, the quake struck 5 miles from Petit Trou de Nippes and 7.5 miles away from Saint-Louis du Sud, which is west of Port-au-Prince. 

Currently, at least 1,419 people have been confirmed dead with at least 6,000 more suffering injuries and countless others remaining missing. Hurricane Grace hit Haiti on August 16 and caused even more devastation. The hospital system is overwhelmed with patients, and more than 30,000 families have reportedly been left homeless.

The country is also dealing with the recent assassination of president Jovenel Moise and gang violence is hindering the relief efforts. Power lines are down, blocking roads which are making it hard to reach the areas in need. Many people are believed to still be under the rubble.

Our commitment to serve and help Haiti is for the long run. There are currently 150+ Converge churches with approximately 40,000+ members along with other churches and ministries on the ground working with our churches in the U.S. Together, we will work to bring the love of God to Haiti and live out the gospel with them.


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