Iglesia Local / Local Church Initiative

Jacksonville, FL

Hey! My name is David Uribe and my wife’s name is Estefania. I am the lead pastor and church
planter of Iglesia Local / Local Church. Local is a bilingual church that wants to reach, serve
and love our community especially first and second generation hispanics. Our vision is to be a
church that seeks the kingdom first and impacts our local community through the gospel of
Jesus Christ that brings transformation and joy to our city.
We love the Hispanic community and we have a burden for them. We want to see the Hispanic
church thrive in this nation. We know God has not only called us to be a church of influence in
Jacksonville FL, but also to equip others to plant more churches and live God-honoring lives.
We want to see our city filled with joy as Acts 8:8 says and we believe that the gospel of Jesus
will transform hearts, bring peace and joy to our city. We want to see people experiencing the
love of God through Jesus.
Your prayers, friendship and your gifts are greatly appreciated, as they allow us to focus on the
calling God has given us for the Jacksonville, FL area.
We are trusting God in this process and we know that He will provide. We humbly ask that you
would consider being a vital part of that support team through prayer and finances.
We look forward to sharing with you in the months and years ahead the amazing testimony of
how your prayers, support and gifts helped us reach lives with the gospel in the name of Jesus

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